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The Australian education system is divided in to 4 main categories for International Students:

Streamlined Student Visa

Prospective International students with a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) from a participating university at bachelor, masters or doctoral degree level or for a non-award university student exchange or study abroad programme are now eligible to apply for the Streamlined visa. These applicants are assessed as though Assessment Level regardless of their country of origin.

573 - Higher Education

Australian Higher education sector consist of Undergraduate Level and Post Graduate Level . All the Universities in Australia Offers wide range of Under graduate and Post graduate courses to International students.

572 Vocational Education Sector

Vocation education sector for International students is consists of following courses

  • Up to four Certificate level courses that include a Certificate IV course, which totals at least 12 months duration
  • A Diploma
  • An Advanced diploma
  • A vocational graduate certificate
  • A vocational graduate diploma

571 Schooling Sector

  • Schooling sector for International students start from Grade 6 up to Grade 12. 
  • Students can choose to join either a Government School or a private school.
  • There are variety of courses and institutes student can choose from depending on their individual preference.
  • We can guide you from selecting a study program to obtaining your visa.

Students can choose to join either a Government School or a private school.

Junior School

Junior school for International students starts from grade 7 till grade 10. Students who have completed their Grade 6 in their mother country are eligible for this sector.

High School

High School sector consists of grade 11 and grade 12. After successfully completing grade 10 in Sri Lanka, students are eligible to start grade 11 and 12 in a selected country.

Foundation Courses

A foundation course is the leading program for a Bachelors degree. For students who do not have the qualifications to start a Bachelors degree straight away can get the required qualification by following a foundation course.

Diploma and Advanced Diploma Courses

For students who have completed GCE A/L in Sri Lanka are eligible to follow a Diploma leading to a Bachelors degree. A diploma is a great starting course since a Diploma is equivalent to the first year of the Bachelors degree in most cases.

Degree Courses (Undergraduate)

Students who have completed Grade 12, a foundation course or a Diploma course is eligible for a Bachelors degree. A standard Bachelors degree's duration is 3 or 4 years.

Graduate Diploma Courses

For students who have completed a Bachelors degree in an acceptable University are eligible for Graduate Certificate which normally goes for 1 year. Students who do not have the qualifications to follow a Masters course, has the opportunity to follow a Graduate Diploma leading to a Masters.

Masters Courses

Students who have completed a Bachelors degree with the required GPA (Grade Point Average), are eligible for Masters courses. The duration of a Masters course is from 1.5 years to 2.5 years.

PhD (Doctorates)

PhD is an advanced academic degree awarded by Universities. The PhD or equivalent has become a requirement for a career as a university professor or researcher in most fields. Students who have completed a Masters course and have the other required qualifications and experiences are eligible for PhDs.

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